Brand Identity

Girdlers Coffee

Simple Honest Goodness

An organic, fair-trade coffee brand started by footy legend Ryan Girdler, the Girdlers brand is all about goodness – the goodness in people, produce and everything in-between. – With bespoke illustrations tailored to each roast, Girdlers takes an artistic, playful approach. The brand speaks honestly through its bright personality, and celebrates the goodness of its produce and ethics with a dash of quirk.

Brand Identity


Ruby is an organisation that realises the real potential of women in Australia, dedicated to inspiring, promoting and connecting women in helping them achieve their business goals. – Ruby is not a precious stone, Ruby is an attitude and required an identity to match. Using the Westpac W, a symbol and identity was developed to speak to its multifaceted audience.

Brand Identity

Roseberry Street Cafe

A handcrafted brand identity to epitomise the individuality of two business owners of the Roseberry Street Cafe. Playful sets of illustrations were developed that constantly evolve to keep the brand fresh. The identity allows for personalisation in key areas.

Brand Identity


Sports + Entertainment Specialists

Westpac’s Alpha Sports and Entertainment –– an exclusive brand dedicated to Australia’s professional sportspeople and entertainers. As a brand focussed on the goal-getters, Alpha, the first of its kinda, the beginning of a first-class ‘experience’ was built on a strategy of being ‘Number 1’. This brand identity was brought to life through a dynamic brand palette that reflects the drive of elite athletes and entertainers through typographic illustrations and photography capturing that moment of intensity that comes with being the best.

Brand Identity


Brandplay from the heart

A new company that that brings brand stories to life through video, photography and written content. Brandplay create content that is beautiful, authentic, emotional, real and engaging. Content that finds its way to people through websites, mobile devices, youtube, social media channels, e-publications, events and broadcast. – The creation of a bold brand palette and playful use of language brings together creativity and storytelling. A graphic wordmark created with depth and dimension adds tactile paper-like qualities with reference to a central pivotal point as well as the moving hands on a clock.

Brand Identity

Art Series Hotels

The freshest of fare for flocks and grazers alike

Like the The Olsen Hotel, Spoonbill’s identity is built upon the unique art of Australian artist John Olsen. Sharing his favourite foods and his love for flora and fauna, Spoonbill brings a fresh flavour to the Melbourne restaurant scene that whole-heartedly supports local providers. – With a combination of natural stocks, textures, illustrations and a quirky tone of voice, the Spoonbill brand complements Olsen’s art as well as the overarching vision of the The Art Series Hotel Group.

Brand Identity

Ash Street

People Inspired Practice

Ash Street is an innovative partnership of professional services, from lawyers to accountants and everything in between. It is a people inspired practice that makes Ash Street a breath of fresh air in the legal landscape. – Breaking the mould of the traditional law firm, Ash Street is putting their clients first and priding themselves on creating meaningful and close relationships – bringing the right specialists together for each individual case. To complement The Brand Council’s brand strategy, a unique, illustrative style was introduced to focus upon each individual specialist and their story; bold, warm and human.

Brand Identity


We are family

Westpac Group represents a family of brands that have existed for over a hundred years. Within the history is a rich collection of businesses, with roots dating back to 1817, when Westpac started life as the Bank of New South Wales. Westpac Group is the foundation –– the strong, steady, measured presence supporting the colourful personalities of its retail brands. For this, Westpac Group required a distinct corporate brand that sits comfortably behind each consumer brand – visible and valuable in its own right.

Brand Identity

Di Jones

The Heart of Real Estate

A real estate agent representing prestigious property in the Eastern suburbs with an established reputation, Di Jones was in need of a brand refresh to allow for market growth and a greater presence. Working with brand strategy devised by the team at the Brand Council, a new identity was developed to set Di Jones apart from all other agents in Sydney. A bold use of illustration and a language style that is both personal and professional, underpin the new Di Jones brand, making it unique in its category whilst bringing the brand proposition to life.

Brand Identity


For legends in the making, SloCoach was created to connect everyday sports people with the best sports coaches in the world. An online, tailored training network based on slow-motion footage and expert feedback, SloCoach is for real people in the real world. – Creating an identity that captures the connection between coach and trainee, we hero a bright gradient that reflects momentum and change, and introduce motivational, dynamic language.