Credit Cards

Westpac Group Global Currency

Westpac, Bank of Melbourne & St.George

Offering the best of both worlds the convenience of cash and the security of a credit card,– Westpac, Bank of Melbourne and St.George launched new travel cards. These cards combine up to five currencies at any one time and last up to 3 months. This product is one of only a limited number of international brand touch-points and needed to reflect each brand’s personality. Each pair of cards was named and designed to reflect the universal language of currency.

Credit Cards

& Earth Black

Matt is the New 'Black'

To complete the premium range of Westpac credit cards and extend the Altitude and Earth product range into the ‘above premium’ tier market, the ‘Black’ credit card was named and a highly prestigious card brand was created. An invited group of premium high net-worth customers were offered the card with a 25% take up in the first week.

Credit Cards

Westpac HandyCards

Held by over five million customers, Westpac‘s Consumer and Business HandyCard is one of the most visible touchpoints for the bank, and by celebrating Westpac’s return to red, becomes a true expression of the new Westpac Brand. – Updating the card design for the first time in 10 years to take advantage of the latest production techniques and global trends in card design, the new card features a matte base card with tactile gloss finishes and a custom Westpac Red core – unique in the current market.